Things to Do in Fort Wayne and Beyond
Arianna Mallett

Arianna Mallett

Whatzup Features Writer


Of Drummers and Plane Crashes

What do gospel music, high school drummers and a plane crash have in common? BackWater somehow bring all these seemingly isolated oddities together in a most convincing fashion. Once these […]

The Outlaw Cowboys

I met The Outlaw Cowboys at their semi-stomping grounds, the Rock-n-Horse Saloon, for an evening performance. The guys definitely gave cowboys a good name, both in looks and in stamina, […]

George Damron and Buffalo Ridge

At first glance you might think George Damron and Buffalo Ridge are a rock n’ roll band pure and simple Most of the guys have rock n’ roll backgrounds to […]

Douglass Street / Watch It Cowboy

You know when you catch a new song on the radio and you just can’t change it until the song is over? Even if you have no idea who is […]


Just when you think you’ve seen it all in local music you find BootLeg. In theory they’re a hodgepodge, motley crew of various genres. In reality they’re a classic blend […]

Southern Overdrive

In much of the local scene I’ve met groups who had a shelf life of a couple weeks, a couple months and some maybe pushing half a year. That makes […]


When I first met the guys from Amarillo, I got a free coffee (very nice touch) and an abbreviated history of a highly interesting group on the local circuit. This […]

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