Things to Do in Fort Wayne and Beyond


Friday the 13th

All right class, here’s today’s new word: paraskedidekatriphobics. Huh…? What the heck is that? A small village in Pakistan? Something you eat with a lot of sauce? A new social […]

Tom Hubbard

Columbia City artist Tom Hubbard is one of those people who look exactly like who they are — like the female dancer whose ponytail, leotard top, jeans and lithe figure […]

Fort Wayne Childrens Choir

They look like any other kids. You know, the ones you see chasing a ball on the basketball court or staring glassy-eyed at a video game. They might even resemble […]

Cosmonaut Bob / Return From Reality

Bassist John DeGroff was an original member of the founding Christian rock band Petra. Although I’ve never been a fan of this band, from the insane bass playing on Return […]

Richard Reprogle

Born and raised in Fort Wayne, Richard Reprogle knew from an early age that he wanted a career in music. In fact, it was the only thing he ever wanted. […]

Matt Jones

The unassuming (except for the pony-tail and ear stud), reasoned and articulate Renaissance man Matthew Jones, now in his early 40’s, has spent nearly three-quarters of his life carving out […]

Sal Soto

At 28 Sal Soto has already been around the block a couple of times. Raised on South Lafayette Street (his parents still live there), the younger Soto used to walk […]

Chris Shaffer / Chris Shaffer

With no warning the very first song, “Just Over You” kicks in with full band and Chris Shaffer’s distinctive, raspy voice singing “Everything’s weird and I don’t know why.” Although […]

Dive Bomberz / Falling Star

Mark Paul Smith and his band of merry minstrels are back with Falling Star, a second collection of easy-on-the-ear “middle-of-the-road” songs sure to please adult fans who aren’t afraid to […]

Hoochie Mama Get Down / Pretty Like A Monster

The Chronics have long been a powerful mainstay in the Fort Wayne original music scene – but change is good, and a wee while back the feminine founders decided to […]
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