Things to Do in Fort Wayne and Beyond

Article Category: Art

Crystal George

It’s been a few years since painter Crystal George last roamed the dusty paths and narrow lanes that frame the public market of Cochabamba in...

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Tim Brumbeloe

According to industry figures from a couple of years ago, there were nearly 200 million cameras in the U.S. accounting for something like 17 billion...

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Michael Poorman

To distill the essence of local painter Michael Poorman’s recent work is to retrace the artist’s own 40-plus-year journey of collecting, ...

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Joe Andersen

It may have only been a wild fantasy back then. It may not have even been anything that conscious. But Joseph Andersen’s journey to this point...

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Chris Pyle

I figure at least on some days illustrator/musician Chris Pyle awakens to a universe populated by edgy, cartoonish musicians and singers. They appear...

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