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Sam Graham

Dean Jackson

Whatzup Features Writer

Published March 30, 2022

Even as a baby, Sam Graham seemed destined for music, tapping to the beat of whatever was playing. Graham got his start with drum lessons and with Rock Camp at Sweetwater. He’s been involved in middle school and high school jazz band and pep band and in musicals. He’s anchored to the drum set, but he can stretch to hand drums or even the xylophone.The big sounds were to hard for him deny.“It came to drums or guitar,” he said. “Drums seemed to make a lot more noise”Graham is focused on becoming a music producer and studio musician.“It’s a dream to be in a band, and play in front of thousands,” he said. “I think being a studio musician also widens my range.”Talent is important, but Graham knows it takes a lot more than that.“It’s putting the work in, and just making sure to actually give time to practice,” he said. “And if you have an instructor, and you’re looking at something, make sure you practice what they give you.”Graham is thrilled that Whatzup is recognizing young musicians with the 20 Under 20 honors. He believes it will create more opportunities for people himself. “(This) will hopefully get my name out, especially to other musicians,” he said. “I always want to have a gig that’s related to music.”


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