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Eli Howe

Dean Jackson

Whatzup Features Writer

Published March 30, 2022

Those closest to Eli Howe say, “He was born with the music in him.”Howe plays guitar, piano, and drums. He has also worked in sound reinforcement, and plays guitar and drums with his church’s worship music team.“I liked watching my dad play. It inspired me,” he said. “I picked it up when I was really young.”His family found a small guitar when he was preschool aged, and he was hooked.“It sounded cool then, but now (when compared to full sized) it didn’t sound very good,” he said of his first guitar.Even with the novelty, the guitar took root. As a preteen, he would play his dad’s guitars and began to get lessons. He further developed his passion from watching movies and television shows with strong guitar sounds.“I wanted to learn how to play them,” he said. He loves alternative rock but will dabble in just about any style. He says he is drawn to any music with soul.“How they express their feelings of being dragged down or having an addiction problem, that can bring out a lot of good music,” Howe said.He’s hoping to start a band, but like the music they play, it has to have the right chemistry. You need the right recipe to make the right music.


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