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Steve Penhollow

Steve Penhollow

Whatzup Features Writer

Published September 20, 2018

Electro-pop and electro-funk duos are all the rage these days.

Nationally and internationally, we have Daft Punk, Chromeo, Evvol, Sacre, OYLS, Tiger March, Manic Focus and many others. Locally, we have Love Hustler.

Cherub of Nashville, Tennessee, is sometimes characterized as an “electro-indie duo.”

The band, consisting of DJs and multi-instrumentalists Jordan Kelley and Jason Huber, performs at the Clyde Theatre on September 29.

Cherub was described by the UK’s Guardian newspaper thusly: “Cherub are a pair of funk-soul brothers with the air of the satirical about them, or at least the tongue-in-cheek. They make us think, with their ’80s keyboards, basslines and ‘voicebox’ — as used by Roger Troutman of Zapp — of Prince, and for that matter, Zapp. And in a way of Zappa: they remind us that white musicians were teetering on that fine line between paying homage to and archly recreating a popular black music style…”

The music that electro-pop duos make varies greatly from one band to another.

But there is one constant: Those two members always manage to sound in concert like a lot more members.


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