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Warped tribute band to debut at Brass Rail

Also news from Colossal Man, Jon Durnell, Checkered Past, and Thinning.

Warped Tour tribute band My Dinosaurs Wear Ties will play their first show Feb. 18 at The Brass Rail with Mighty Vices and Private Education.

Nick Braun

Whatzup Features Writer

Published February 8, 2023

a Warped Tour tribute band, My Dinosaurs Wear Ties, is one of the latest additions to our local scene and have a show at The Brass Rail slated for Saturday, Feb. 18. 

With the legendary touring festival no longer in existence, it only makes sense for someone to carry the torch and pay homage to acts that put the tour on the map like Blink-182, Sum 41, Avenged Sevenfold, My Chemical Romance, and Fall Out Boy.

“We’re a brand new band, but the concept has been in the works for the past several years with us refining it and finding the right personality,” bassist Spunde said. 

Spunde is joined by guitarist FannyPackZakk, drummer JP 3 Scarzzz, and vocalists Kyle and KaityKatastrophe. Together, they focus on performing what they consider the main three elements that define the Warped Tour: pop-punk, emo, and scenecore aesthetic. 

“For now, we’re focusing on building out an authentic experience, including 2000s-inspired MySpace-era attire and getting a full evening’s worth of material learned and refined,” Spunde said. 

My Dinosaurs Wear Ties’ first show at The Brass Rail will be with friends Mighty Vices and Private Education. These guys are going to be fun. Can’t wait! 

Colossal Man goes hard at Bug House

The hardcore act Colossal Man recently made their Fort Wayne debut with a performance at The Bug House on South Wayne Avenue.

The band consists of guitarist Josh Maroney, bassist James Holm, drummer Adam Lewis, and vocalist Grey Gordon. 

“Our music is late ’80s New York hardcore filtered through the lens of Lockin’ Out Records,” Gordon said. 

With only a short time together, they have managed to release a six-song demo which can be heard on your favorite streaming platforms with cassettes coming soon. Straight-up hardcore tracks like “Bait & Switch,” “Ooze,” and “American Made” were recorded, mixed, and mastered by Dan Kinnaley at Chipped Tooth Audio. 

Colossal Man have shows scheduled in Indianapolis on Feb. 10; Dayton, Ohio, on March 4; The Bug House on March 23; and Springfield, Illinois, on March 24. 

Until they come back around, do yourself a favor and listen to the new release. As with your favorite roller coaster, you will want to get back on and do it all again. 

Durnell releases song ahead of album

The talented Jon Durnell has released a song and accompanying video, “Real Love.”

Durnell worked alongside Tim Bushong on the new number which will be featured on an upcoming album this year. 

When asked who’s in the band, Durnell laughed, “Tim is my band. Tim and I have done everything on this album so far, except the horns on one song. I pretty much play all the guitars except for a spot here and there.” 

There’s a good chance you will hear the new song when Durnell performs at 469 Sports and Spirits in New Haven on Wednesday, Feb.  22, from 7-11 p.m. Until then, have a listen to “Real Love” on your favorite streaming site and see the video on his Facebook page. 

Durnell plans to release a new tune every month leading up to the album. 

In addition, you can catch Durnell with his other act Night to Remember which is on the path to do 60-70 shows in 2023. 

Checkered Past have you covered

Local group The Checkered Past Band have been on the scene for a year now and continue to captive audiences. 

The cover act performs a variety of classic rock hits from the likes of Van Halen, Kiss, The Rolling Stones, The Beatles, John Mellencamp, Kid Rock, and more. 

The band is comprised of vocalist/guitarist Barry Drudge, bassist Jeff Phillips, and drummer Clarence Boyd. Drudge has been in a few local bands, including Shilo, while Boyd you may know from his time in Spike and The Bulldogs and The Greys

You can catch Checkered Past Band at El Volcan in North Manchester on Feb. 18, Trubble Public House in Roanoke on March 3, and Rex’s Rendezvous in Warsaw on March 10. They plan to have a full schedule this year so be on the lookout. 

“We’re out to conquer the tri-state area,” Drudge laughed.

Take time to check out Thinning.

If you have yet to see the alternative indie outfit Thinning., you will have a chance on Sunday, Feb. 12, when they take the stage at The Ruin with Frogman and The Friends of Frogman and Greg Freeman.

The local supergroup is made up of Jess Thrower (Swell Time), Connor Corwin (Necromoon), and Payton Knerr (The Namby Pamby). Together, they create music that’s skillfully made and solemnly delivered. 

Their Ruin show will be all ages with showtime at 8 p.m., which is plenty of time to hit your friend’s Super Bowl party, get your belly full, and head over for some live music. 

Stay tuned to Whatzup for future shows from Thinning.    

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