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Trace Adkins continues to color outside lines

Musician/actor ready to impress fans at Honeywell

Joshua Schipper

Whatzup Features Writer

Published April 27, 2022

Only a handful of music artists can successfully pursue careers in other fine arts like acting, but country music star Trace Adkins will prove he can do that when Monarch premieres on Fox in this fall.

Fans can see Adkins well before the premiere of that new series when he takes the stage at the Honeywell Center on Sunday, May 8.

In a press release, the Honeywell Center says Adkins’ “trademark baritone voice has powered countless hits and sold over 10 million albums. His top singles include ‘You’re Gonna Miss This,’ ‘Ladies Love Country Boys,’ ‘Songs About Me,’ ‘Every Light in the House,’ ‘Chrome,’ and ‘Just Fishin’’ to name a few.”

Playing Country Star

On Monarch, Adkins will play the role of Albie Roman, the “patriarch of country music’s first family,” according to Music Mayhem Magazine.

Three-time Grammy Award nominee, and series executive music producer, Adam Anders says Adkins’ voice is, “one in a million, and sets the tone for everything else we do musically on the series,” according to the magazine. “He grounds the show so much, and I love every time an ‘Albie’ song is on the slate.”

According to Adkins’ website, he has “lost count how many times I’ve listened to Hank Jr.’s ‘A Country Boy Can Survive,’ ” the first single released for the country-themed drama.

“Having the opportunity to record such an iconic song has been both exhilarating and daunting,” Adkins said. “I wanted to honor the original version, while putting my own spin on it. I’m excited for this to be the first release from Monarch, and for fans to hear all of the music we have coming out.”

Doing It His Way

According to KNST radion station in Tucson, Arizona, Adkins says he is “at the top of my game.”

“I’m better at this than I’ve ever been in my life, and I like the way my voice sounds better now than 25 years ago,” he said.

While celebrating the 25th anniversary of 1996 debut album Dreamin’ Out Loud, Adkins released 25 tracks on his album The Way I Wanna Go in August that included a number of notable collaborations with Blake Shelton, Luke Bryan, and Stevie Wonder.

Nashville, Tennesee’s Music Row says these songs “touch on all aspects of Adkins’ career, all steeped in the diverse sound of his Louisiana upbringing.”

A reviewer at Country Swag says, “With an opening song such as ‘Where I Am Today’ that introduces a more grateful and clear-minded outlook, the country music veteran, who has sold more than 11 million albums and attained over 2 billion streams across the span of his career, seems to be tipping his hat to an incredible life while still reeling in the good stuff.”

“Though with the release of his 13th studio album is to honor a truly remarkable 25 years in music, Trace Adkins is far from calling it quits. In fact, he has never been stronger.”

“I’ve got to the point where it’s all up to me now,” he said on his website. “I can do whatever I want … and that’s a beautiful place to be.”

Illustrating he can do whatever he wants, he released a five-song EP on April 8 with remixes of his 2005 hit “Honky Tonk Badonkadonk.”

“I love where I’m at, I really do,” he said. “I’ve had the perfect career, and I don’t know where my place is gonna be when the history of what I did is written. But 90 percent of the time, I said what I wanted to say and stuck to my guns, and did what I wanted to do. … And I’m gonna go out the way I wanna go out.”


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