The Basics

Your dashboard can always be accessed by going to

First, you'll need to login. If you forgot your password, just click the "Forgot Password?" link.


Getting Started

Once logged in, at the top of the left navigation, you'll see the account you are currently logged into.

Below it, you have a few options...

Getting Started

View Page

Click to see your page on


Switch Accounts

This is a feature for advertisers with multiple business accounts they need to manage.

When clicked, a window will pop up with all of the accounts you own. The account you are currently logged into will be selected. click the alternate account you'd like to log into and click "Switch" to switch to that account.

The dashboard will then refresh and you will be logged into the account you selected. Use this to switch back and forth between your accounts.

If you need your account linked to another one of your accounts, just contact us and we'll get you setup.


  • Manage details like your business address, city, hours, and description. Manage account details (like your password and email), plus add all your web and social media links.
  • Manage photos and videos on your page



Create and manage your posts, or even schedule them. The benefit of posting on Whatzup, is that your advertising is reaching the local area and is much more likely to be seen by local users.

  • New posts are posted at the top of the page; edits and deletions happen by clicking the “more” button on the right side of the page next to your post.
  • Attach photos to your posts (as many as you like).

Everyone has a fair chance at getting something out there! Posts are listed chronologically, no weird algorithmic sorting or pay-to-play like you might get with social media.

Anyone who visits will see your post immediately (or whenever you schedule it) or uses our app will be alerted to your post.



If you own a musician account, this tab will appear.

  • Upload, manage and get stats on your tracks. New tracks are posted at the top of the page; edits, deletions, downloads and shares happen just like in posts by clicking the “more” button on the right side of the page next to your track.
  • Listen to your tracks inside the dashboard before you publish them
  • Add artwork, purchase links, and lyrics.
  • Everyone has a fair chance at getting something out there. Your tracks show up right under the description on your page.
  • Your music may even be featured on our 'Local Music' page!
  • Every artist and a few of their tracks are featured on our 'All music' page.


Calendar Listings

When you submit listings to us, we proof and review it. Once approved, we make it live online.

The Calendar Listings tab is a way you can see which of your listings are live now and which are waiting for approval

You can also request edits to any of your calendar listings.


Help & Support

If you are ever having trouble using a feature or something isn't working correctly, visit the Help & Support tab.

It includes the dashboard status, development log, FAQ, and ways to contact Whatzup to get an issue fixed or a question answered.


Tell us what you think!

To give us feedback, tell us how we're doing, or give us suggestions, click the feedback button in the top right corner.

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