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The Paper Heart



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The Paper Heart is a group of four local musicians that share a common goal of spreading positivity through their music. The Paper Heart uses their music to work through feelings of stress, anger, and anxiety to encourage hopeful and healing ideas. With beautiful harmonies and an energetic and driving rhythm section, they are sure make you move!

The Paper Heart started many years ago as a pseudonym for singer/songwriter, Topher Beyer. Through the years it has morphed into many different adaptations, seeing many different members come and go, constantly reshaping the band and bringing new influence and inspiration.

The band has evolved into a co-writing process between Amy Withrow, Isaiah Laatsch, Steve Niemoeller, and Topher with each member sharing ideas and building off each other. The Paper Heart aims to use their music to reach those that need lifted up and help bring a bit of positivity to this world.

℗ The Paper Heart.