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Radio Replay here to get the party hopping

To Breathe Again, Secret Mezzanine, Home Phone, ¡Fua! also making news

Comprised of Sweetwater employees, Radio Replay is one the latest rock bands on the local scene.

Nick Braun

Whatzup Features Writer

Published November 9, 2022

Get ready to meet your new favorite band. Radio Replay is one of the latest rock outfits to hit our scene and is backed by seasoned musicians that are destined to getting the dance floor jumping. 

The band’s lineup consists of Rob Warnell on vocals, Jamie Dyer on drums, Julio Jimenez on percussion, Nathaniel DeRusha on bass, and Pablo Murica on guitar. 

Many many of you may know Warnell from his days in Little Green Men, MCP, and Shovelhead

The rest of the crew has relocated to Fort Wayne from places such as Tennessee, Illinois, Arizona, and Florida, all to work at Sweetwater Sound. 

Together, the band belts out hits from Soundgarden, Drowning Pool, and Stone Temple Pilots to Bruno Mars, Maroon 5, and Ed Sheeran

“I’m pushing myself vocally with songs that I never would have thought to do before,” Warnell said. “I love the challenge and I can’t wait to show people what we can do.” 

The band recently performed at the Sweetwater Academy of Music for a seminar on live sound mixing with Jeff Barnett. In addition, they released their cover of Men at Work’s “Who Can It Be Now?” on their Facebook page, accompanied by a slide show video of the band. 

The guys are currently booking some dates which will be announced soon. 

Although every new band deserves a listen, Radio Replay are almost certain to give you a fun night. 

Plumdingo become Alt Dizzy

It’s official, Plumdingo have changed their name. 

With the recent lineup change, the band felt it was time for a rebranding, and is now known as Alt Dizzy. As of press time, the band has no shows scheduled but stay tuned to Whatzup for updates.

To Breathe Again come up for air

The alternative metal act To Breathe Again is gearing up for the third annual To Christmas Again coming to Stan’s Room at Piere’s on Saturday, Dec. 17, at 7 p.m. 

Throw on your ugly Christmas sweater and head out for an evening of music by To Breathe Again, Controller, Grounds, and Demoral

“We are super excited about this year’s show,” To Breathe Again singer Austin Wiard said. “This is the second time we’ve been able to do it in person and excited to do it at a bigger venue. Last year, we played our record front to back, and this year we plan to make it even bigger and more larger than life.” 

Before the Christmas show, you can catch the band Nov. 20 at The Ruin and Nov. 26 at Stan’s Room. 

In other news, the band is finishing up an EP and plans to take about half of 2023 to write and record their second full-length album, their first with the current lineup. 

Kyle Haller Band on hiatus

If you follow The Kyle Haller Band on social media, you may have seen a recent post that they are taking a break. No need to panic. Everything is good in the Haller camp, it’s just that everyone is just busy with other projects. 

When asked when the band might return, Haller said, “I certainly hope that we can fire it back up again next year or the year after, but there’s no guarantees.” 

Let’s hope it is quicker than that. Until then you can still catch Haller jamming with Grateful Groove and the occasional Phil’s Family Lizard gig. 

Secret Mezzanine making it work

A few year’s ago, Secret Mezzanine could frequently be found in the Whatzup calendar listings, regularly playing bars, restaurants, and festivals in the area. 

The Canterbury High School grads Cai Caudill and Rob Greene maintained a hefty schedule and gained fans with their guitar/ukulele busking performances, which have since eased with Caudill now living in Bloomington. 

Today, they are backed by drummer Jacob Sherfield and keyboardist Garrett Spoelhof. Crazy thing is, they all live in different cities: Greene in Fort Wayne; Caudill in Bloomington; Sherfield in San Rafael, California; and Spoelhof in Chicago. Somehow they make it work. As a matter of fact, they just released a new single, “One More Night,” off their forthcoming album. 

According to a band statement, “This track is the culmination of sweeping doubt, of brutal honestly, and, ultimately, of growth.” 

In honor of the release, Secret Mezzanine will embark on a tour that includes as stop at The Ruin on Nov. 18. 

In other news, the band’s Thought of Man and No Context are now available on cassette through Beet Fat Records. 

Amid live break, ¡Fua! release single

¡Fua! has released a new single, “Bobby Pins,” that can be found on your favorite streaming site. 

The almost seven-minute number was recorded at trumpet player Ryan Clapper’s house, which happens to be the cover art for the single drawn by Lauren Shank

According to a band statement, “It’s been a long time coming for this single. We worked really hard on getting this one out to the public, and we are so happy to finally have it available for people to listen to!” 

By the way it sounds, they band are taking a break from performing live, so until they return, sink your teeth into this new track. 

Home Phone release second EP

Home Phone has released a four-song EP, Moon Phone, which can be enjoyed on streaming platforms, with cover art by Lauren Potenberg

You will hear the new numbers from Ron Record and Olivia Morris live on Friday, Nov. 11, with Zara McCord on drum, when Home Phone performs at The Brass Rail with Uncle Muscle and Mamalarky

As of right now, there are no physical copies of Moon Phone, but I did hear Beet Fat Records has done a second run of cassettes for their first self-titled EP that will be available at the Rail show.

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