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Plumdingo: Awkward Coffee

J. Hubner

Whatzup Features Writer

Published June 8, 2022

Plumdingo is a Fort Wayne band that has been rocking stages for six years. They’ve got a loose vibe to their sound — one minute alternative rock ala Smashing Pumpkins, the next a Weimar cabaret number. The band makes groove-heavy tracks that are easy to get lost in after a beer or two. Don’t drink? That’s cool, because you’ll still have a good time. 

Plumdingo consists of Dusty Brown on vocals and keyboard, Tim Becker on guitar and vocals, Tracy Zion on drums, and Leiah Osborne on bass. Their latest release is the eclectic Awkward Coffee, a 13-track long player that displays the band’s expansive musical interests from Bowie-esque ballads to Gish-era Pumpkins guitar glee. It’s a vast and all-immersive listen. 

If variety is indeed the spice of life, then Awkward Coffee is the ghost pepper of local albums. You’re never treated to the same thing twice. From the heavy opener “Angry Gods in Confidence” and its Temple of the Dog heft, to the cabaret of “Blackbird” and the ethereal “House of Cards,” Plumdingo comes at us with all the vibes. 

“Lazy Eyed Girl” locks into the early ’90s hippy vibe of bands like Spin Doctors and Blues Traveler with touches of early REM. There is an overall feel that this album is a collective, not so much a band but a community of like-minded artists coming together and bringing their vision to life. Becker and Brown build their tracks with the band, making these tunes a band effort. “Dinosaurs Are Skeletons,” “Just Another Moment,” and “Fame In Tragedy” close the album out on groove and touches of funk. 

Awkward Coffee is a great showcase for a band pulling influence and inspiration every which way, while also keeping Plumdingo more of a collective. It’s like-minded musicians coming together to make something groovy, eclectic, and engaged.


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