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Local Music

To Breathe Again
Rock, Metal


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Uploaded 4 months ago
To Breathe Again is a hard rock group from Fort Wayne, Indiana. Drawing inspiration from such bands as Shinedown, InGhosts, Halestorm, and Black Label Society, TBA set out to inspire hope in those who feel like they don't have a voice. Austin and Greg both suffer from depression and have dealt with thoughts of suicide. They found refuge in the words of these bands. Now, they hope to be that voice for a new generation.

Stay safe. Stay strong. And most importantly: remember To Breathe Again.



We are the voiceless
Shouting for our lives
At the top of our lungs
We are the broken
Picking up the pieces
Like a fighter on the run
We are the first ones in
And the last ones out
when the sun comes up
Til they shut us down
We are jaded

But we all come alive
When the fire ignites x3

Living our lives on the edge, cuz
We are the
Sun beating on the backs of our necks but
We are the fire
We are the storm
We are the lions
Can you hear us roar?
We are the warriors
And we’re taking over

We all get high
Off the kick in our chest
And the flames rising
A mile high
Sweating bullets from the heat
And the stars in our eyes
We like it loud
We like the hit
We like to jump
Til our feet are dead
We’re exhausted

But we still come alive
When the concussions go
We still come alive when the

Written by To Breathe Again. © To Breathe Again

Current Issue
Feb. 25-Mar. 3
Vol. 25 No. 29