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Local Music

Dead Men Tell No Lies
Fell Advent
Metal/Hard Rock


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Hailing from Fort Wayne, Indiana, Fell Advent brings a haunting fusion of raw energy, attitude, and creativity to the table. Formed in 2018, the band consists of Kristy Wright, Tommy Bryant, Travis Lucas, Jason Hall, and Valerie Hall.

Taking influences from metal, punk, blues, and everything in between, Fell Advent strives to create destructive tunes that remain stuck in your head as they can as they travel around Indiana, and soon neighboring states, playing shows and spreading their infectious sound.

The band is heading into the studio in November 2019, to begin recording their debut EP “Monarch” and are looking for a Winter release. Stay tuned, and in the meantime, catch us around the Midwest Area(and soon, the east).

Check out our older material “The Haunting” or “Dead Men Tell No Lies” on YouTube.
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Current Issue
Apr. 22-28
Vol. 25 No. 37

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