Thank You & Goodnight

Thank You & Goodnight

If you listen to the whole of this debut by Fort Wayne’s own Thank You And Goodnight without taking a longer glance at the liner notes, you’d never guess that the pounding first number, “Tragedy,” is a cover. This pounding modern riff-rocker’s origins lie with the late Ohio-based Christian emo-rockers Fare Thee Well, and this song is an inspirational barn burner that never lets up. It’s a testament to TYAG’s skills as songwriters and heartfelt performers that the rest of the disc (all originals) keeps the pace. 

From the relentless punch and monster hooks (and deceptively calm opening stanza) of “anelegantdisguise” to the combination of crunchy, soaring vocals and keyboards (courtesy guitarist/keyboardist Chad Deutsch) on “Remember Me,” this band crackles with energy to spare — even when vocalist/guitarist Brock Andrews seems to have reached his limit. This disc reflects the hunger of a young band that’s putting every ounce of feeling into what they play, and it shows. If their live shows put out the same sheer wattage that emanates from these songs, TYAG will win new fans every time. 

“Cheater Cheater Pumpkin Eater” might sound cheeky on paper, but the song’s delivered with absolute conviction. The drive is propelled in no small part by drummer Brett Lay and bassist Phil Arthur, and the production is a great blend of polished and in your face. 

If you’re gonna mix melody, aggression and sheer riffage, you’d better be able to back it up with musicianship and conviction. Thank You And Goodnight succeed on both counts, and that’s what makes this disc a life-affirming listen. If you want to hear rockin’ tunes with melody and a fierce uppercut, you’ll dig it. If you’re a kid with a guitar and you’re thinking about starting a band, here’s a fine example. (DM Jones)

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