Love In The Fascist Brothel
Plot to Blow up the Eiffel Tower

by Chad Beck
Faschist Love

“SLC Hunks,” the final gasp in a series of exhausting tunes on Love In The Fascist Brothel, sums up the band’s struggles with both culture-at-large and innocent folks who stumble across the bands’ incendiary live show. “We bared our teeth through lipstick smears / and clenched our fists like a gang of queers / When they arched their backs and threw us hisses / we touched ourselves and blew them kisses.” It doesn’t take seeing the Plot live to take screamer Brandon Welchez at his word (however, there is more than a little over-the-top sexuality - spitting and clenched fists - at the band’s shows), you can tell he’s being honest by his violently passionate vocal delivery. Like Welchez’s vox, Fascist Brothel is devastatingly powerful in both its velocity and bloody-knuckle performances.

While there are undoubtedly bands that play faster than The Plot, few are able to match their raw impact. Dissonant guitars, flaming pianos and monstrous background vocals (sounding similar to a prison riot) accompany jagged and galloping rhythms, giving Fascist Brothel a razor-sharp edge from start to finish. The true beauty in The Plot’s unique sound is the band’s creative transitions between sections of their songs, and especially the musical bridges they build from song to song. (The slow burning piano fueled chaos of “Angry, Young, and Rich,” transforming into the more frenetic “Lipstick SS” is one of the best moments on the whole record). It’s remarkable how a band this fiercemanages to infuse so much beauty into their cacophony.

Adding to the band’s unique panache and sound, they tastefully pepper Fascist Brothel with skronking, contortions-like brass instrumentation. The horns are particularly effective when matched with spooky background vox, giving an evil aura to the closing of “Lawnmower Love.” The interplay between a squeaking sax and off-kilter guitar on “Drake the Fake” is equally impressive. As a whole, Love In The Fascist Brothel is one hell of a powerful record, rivaled only by the band’s snarly attitude. Rock is rarely this inspiring. www.blowuptheeiffeltower.com.

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