For Reasons Unknown

by Jason Hoffman For Reasons Unknown

Since 1997 the band Sirface has been causing quite a stir with their hard-hitting brand of original rock. Last year saw a single of theirs, their first official recording, spend a number of weeks in heavy rotation on X102.3 as part of the most recent Essentials compilation. Longtime fans now have the ability to hear this amazing band play in their own comfortable abodes compliments of For Reasons Unknown, their debut album.

The album roars to life with "Back For You," a barrage of pounding guitar riffs topped with a great melody. From the tone of the music I expected to hear Cookie Monster moonlighting on yet another album, but to my surprise, vocalist Jared Pagan actually sings and sings quite well! "Fall 2 Short" crushes your eardrums into compliance with a massive opening groove compliments of guitarist Denny Getrost. As on much of the album, Image provides effects, sounds and ambiance via his turntable and samples, often giving enough of an edge to differentiate Sirface from the other bands of this style.

"Try" is the familiar radio release that hits hard with soaring vocals and an almost-too-heavy-for-radio sound. Some songs, such as "Displaced" and "Emulate," open with cleaner or acoustic guitars, layering on interesting effects for texture, before gleefully jumping back into the fray with amps blaring. "By Your Side" and the bass-intensive (compliments of Matt Hopkins), aggressive "Selfish" seem to be vying for a crack at being the second radio single, as both sport very catchy, nearly pop melodies. Drummer D.W. Harris loses his sanity in "Sink or Swim," the album closer that manically pushes you to the edge with a thunderous groove and then pushes you off the edge with a bridge that pays tribute to KORN, ending the listening experience with insane intensity.

Seething with thick guitars and soaring melodies, For Reasons Unknown will surely satiate your appetite for nu-metal. You can tell the band took their time with this project, wisely venturing into the studios of Tim Bushong who seems to specialize and excel in producing heavier rock. As you might expect from T-Bush Record Plant, the recording and production quality easily stands among major label releases of this genre. Enjoy this energetic, invigorating release and feel free to rip, fold, spindle and mutilate.

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