A Panic is Brewing
The Underground Coalition

by Greg Locke
Panic Brewing

As they become increasingly recognizable around Fort Wayne’s live music scene, each entity of The Underground Coalition seems to be coming into its own. For those of you still unfamiliar with Northeast Indiana’s most potent hip-hop collective, The UC is comprised of five of the city’s premier hip-hop acts, including 219, Andromeda, Roleo & EDS, Sub-Surface and Weatherman.

More than ever, Polaris impresses with his (dare I say it) old-school approach to production. On one of Panic’s many highlights, “Reflections,” Brainstorm, Scripture and Weatherman sound as strong as ever over the mellow, enchanting Polaris production. Other standout tracks include the EDS-produced Sub-Surface track “Habit,” Andromeda’s “All We Got,” and the Roleo & EDS track “Not What You Think.”

Local hip-hop enthusiasts take note; this might be the album you have been waiting for. Easily some of the very best material any of the artists have put out to date, A Panic is Brewing will leave Underground Coalition supporters eager for future releases. With the success of the recent Return of the 36 Deadly Masters hip-hop event, Fort Wayne is establishing a name with its fast growing hip-hop scene.

In a perfect world, much of the city would be spending its fall season resonating A Panic is Brewing rather than 50 Cent or Young Jeezy. Rest assured, UC cohorts, with the scene as strong as ever, a good portion of the Fortress will be spending its fall season cooling to Polaris beats. And don’t get me started on EDS beats. Be sure to look out for upcoming releases from Andromeda and Roleo & EDS. Please beware of Dr. Badvibes. You’ve been warned.

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