The Quick EP

by Gloria Diaz The Quick EP

Local Rage Against the Machine and Limp Bizkit fans might be interested in knowing thereís a local group that combines both bands with plenty of energy. And, they have a CD.

The groupís name is Sarin, and their first recorded effort, The Quick EP, will satisfy those with chips on their shoulders. Put together in 15 hours, the CD includes seven songs in a little over 27 minutes.

Do the songs have a good beat? Can you dance to it? The answers are yes, and yes, but youíd be hard pressed to see any of these songs performed on American Bandstand, or Total Request Live, for that matter. Dick Clark would probably suffer a fatal heart attack if he really listened to the lyrics.

But even more than the profanity, the biggest cardinal sin a CD can commit is mediocrity. If it doesnít inspire me to say anything, if itís neither good nor bad, thatís the music I enjoy listening to the least.

Iíll be honest: this isnít my favorite type of music. But I respect the fact

that Sarin realized their fan base wanted CDs from the start and put something together as quickly as they could. And during a brief performance of

their material, I was impressed by the energy and tightness of their sound.

Thatís more than I can say for some groups Iíve heard.

ìDeceitî rocks back and forth with tempo changes and plenty of anger. ìHard to Breatheî is probably the most introspective (and dare I say it?) the most romantic song on the CD ó at first. Then things get a little nasty. I canít repeat the lyrics here, because mr. whatzup likes to keep this a family-oriented publication.

Due to the low number of CDs pressed, Sarin was sold out of discs when I interviewed them. Weíre assured, however, that more are being pressed and will be available at their shows.

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