A New Life

Sirface have been rocking Fort Wayne and the region for a number of years now, honing their craft and shaping themselves into one of the more established rock acts in the region. They tend to play the bigger shows in the area and often open for national headliners, but one thing they haven’t done in a while is release a CD. That’s changed now.

A New Life is Sirface’s first CD in five years and finds the band as you might expect them: more polished, more mature and, overall, better at everything they do. A few lineup changes, a lot of shows and some failed attempts at major-label “success” seem to have left the band hungrier than ever. The 16-track opus kicks off with “My Pain,” an angry but melodic rock song that would fit alongside just about anything you would hear on rock radio these days. You might say it is the perfect opening song. It represents a microcosm of the album as a whole – melodic rock with a cutting edge.

The musicianship of vocalist Jared Pagan, guitarist Denny Getrost, bassist Matt Hopkins and drummer Jason Hatzell is above average, and the band has obviously perfected the art of writing hooks. Sirface offer melody and variety amongst their big riffs and thunderous playing, allowing listeners to enjoy songs over and over again.

Stand-chugging “Broken” and the super radio-friendly “One More Day.” The band also successfully displays a mellower side to their music with the ballad “The Feeling.” 

A New Life is jam-packed with melodic rock anthems and will surely stay in my CD rotation for quite some time. Repeated listening seems to always uncover something new in each song. The band has written and recorded some great songs here while still managing to capture the energy of their great live shows. Let’s hope it won’t be another five years before we get another CD from these local stars. (Chris Hupe)

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