Burning Trash Volume One 2005
various artists

by Jason Hoffman Burning Trash One
It’s a local label. It’s a recording studio. Burning Trash is two, two, two entities in one!

Having long served the local sub-underground music community, Burning Trash Productions has released Burning Trash Volume One 2005, a veritable cornucopia of aural treats from their various members. How does it all sound? Strap yourselves in, hang on tight, keep limbs inside the car at all times - this is going to be one wild ride.

The Lurking Corpses spread their disease of catchy punk and 50s rock appeal gone horribly wrong in “Oh Sherry Creature of the Night,” a wonderful album opener. The careening rock and undeniable pop attraction of Leeko’s “Garden” plows headlong into the tongue-in-cheek derivative 80s metal intro of The Winkle Tinkle Experience’s “This Is Swedish Folk Rock,” a song which wastes no time in delivering manic double kick drums and a zooming metal riff. If off-off-Broadway ever needed a band to score a musical version of Evil Dead, Rupert Bomb’s “Albert Ayler” would make a perfect free-style rock chaotica accompaniment to the scene were the deadite screams “You’re burning my pretty flesh.” Hour of the Wolf turns in “Eraser,” a spiky, slow punk bit of British pop, while Saints Never Surrender, with the longest title of “We Cut the Calendar Year in Half and Threw The Pieces Into the Trash,” throw a mass of grinding, blazing, pounding, gritty nu-metal in the listener’s face. For contrast, Sub-Surface immediately follows with “Like Me.” a light and glittery slab of hip-hop.

If droning stoner rock with raspy growl vocals and dirge guitars is your thing, Graves of the Endless Fall’s “Neanderthal” will make your head buzz deliciously. It was a pleasure to finally hear the Celtic rock of The Sods: “Northern Indiana Streets” is an authentic journey where fiddles go head to head against guitars and Tom Waits rules as king. “Lord McBum” by Plain Crashers is a ska-tinged slow bounce song whose poor recording unfortunately detracts from its effect. Copycat Massacre splatter together an excellent “Thanksgiving Dinner” filled with deviant organs, evil keyboards and eerie guitars - one massive punch packed into just over two minutes.

Blood Comes Ashore mix screaming, wild chainsaw guitars and grinding distortion in “Paint the Roses Red,” while Left Lane Cruiser exhibit their penchant for gritty, bluesy rock in “Sleep Will Mend,” a sliding, massive, chaotic mess of perfection. “Blue Tornado” by The B-Sharps is a ratty, trashy garage-rock song with enough volatile energy to deep-fry 10 turkeys. The collection closes with “Everybody Tells Me,” a two-minute explosion of mosh guitars and profanity, by Popcan Condoms.

Burning Trash Productions has really come into its own sonically. The guitar sounds are crisp and clean as an ice-cold Sprite, the bass and drums appropriately thick, and the vocals are about as clear as one could expect when the vocalist is growling and yelling and screaming. For information on how to get your hands on this exciting collection of anti-radio songs, click on over to http://burningtrash.proboards7.com/index.cgi.

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