Teays Vein

Same Direction

It’s been a long time since we’ve had a new CD from Teays Vein. The now-veteran Fort Wayne rockers released their first CD, Desert, in 2003 and followed it up with Resistance in 2005 but have been silent ever since, though they continued to hone their craft by playing shows in the area on a fairly regular basis. The good news is that finally, after five years, there is a new Teays Vein album, and, having listening to it, I can attest that the wait was worth it.

Same Direction is aptly titled. The disc shows that Teays Vein are virtually the same band we’ve known all these years, except now they’re more mature sounding and much better songwriters. Full of catchy and addictive songs, the disc starts off with the likewise appropriately titled “Here We Are,” jumps into “Hollywood” and slams through  “Trim” before you even know what hit you. Featuring juiced-up guitar and sing-along choruses, most of the songs on Same Direction are as good or better than anything you hear on rock radio these days. The band shows off its versatility with rockers “Every Part of You” and “Hollywood” and mixes them with the anthem-like “Wash It Down” and the ballad “Somebody Else.” 

Standout tracks include the aforementioned “Wash It Down,” as well as “Indecision” and the title track, but, truthfully, every song on Same Direction is of high quality.  

Meticulously produced by Mike Picotte, Same Direction is a bold step forward for Teays Vein. With great song after great song played with superior musicianship, the band should definitely gain some national recognition with this opus. It’s a must-have for any local rock music fan. (Chris Hupe)

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