Second Time Around

by Evan Gillespie


I missed Tempest the first time around, but apparently the local favorites are back. Their new CD, Second Time Around, is nostalgic in more than one way. The music is a throwback to the late-70s and early-80s, the days before heavy rock was taken over by hair bands, when real rock bands combined rough edges with a polished surface (as opposed to consisting entirely of polished surface) and rock music was really rock music. In those days, no one had ever heard of a power ballad.

Tempest plays rock music that makes no excuses. Look at the song titles -- "Rollin'," "Just Kick Back," "I'm Still Havin' Fun," "Gimme All You Got" -- and you'll know what these guys are all about. Rollicking riffs and power chords. Good times and no apologies. Maybe you thought that kind of music was gone forever. Well, it's back.

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