Roped Off Section
Third Frame

by Jason Hoffman Roped Off Section

Fort Wayne’s favorite beat boyz are back with Roped Off Section, the followup to their well-received 2002 CD Absorb the Orb. Let the party begin!

Walking a fine line between their first two albums, this six-song EP is, at times, lush and sparse. Like their other albums, Third Frame continues with their old-school style with a friendly delivery that would definitely keep them out of the gangsta hall of fame. Not surprisingly, nearly all the songs on this album are about partying and smoking weed, so those averse to such illegal practices should probably look elsewhere to spend their entertainment dollar.

“Mary” opens the album with a Jamaican beat, horns and a rich R&B feel to the chorus. Tracing their history with marijuana from high school to present day, rappers MC Ry-Guy and Deluxe weave their trademark clever blend of wordplay with lines such as “Mary I wanna / Roll with you tonight.” The following track, “Pape,” is a similar ode with squishy synth tones and a solid punch. “Noice (Remix)” takes a drum beat and adds a guitar tone to the top end of the sonic spectrum, while Deluxe and Ry-Guy vocally duel, breaking into singing on the chorus. Returning to sparse instrumentation, “Cloud 9” is a beat with a few keyboards for flavor, while the MCs chew their way through lines about cooking meth, huffing paint and smoking “‘till our brains go numb.” DJ Jack Akshun, who provides all the music for Third Frame, outdoes himself with “Pocket.” The solid R&B groove seems out of place with the rest of the album during the sung chorus (albeit similar to “Ride” from Absorb The Orb), but when the hip-hop kicks in everything fits into place. The final track,, “ATV,” pulls out all the stops, laying on the goofy humor as thick as the mud caked to their ATV chassis.

With Roped Off Section Third Frame create yet another chapter in their decade-plus history of creating “positive party music” for Allen County. If you liked their first two CDs, be sure to complete your collection by picking up Roped Off Section at a smoking paraphernalia store near you.

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