Frame of Mind
Third Frame

by Agnes Hoffman Frame of Mind
Oh, dearie me. It seems my grandson, Jason Hoffman, is up against yet another deadline that he can’t meet and asked me to review the latest album by a band called Third Frame. Frame of Mind, I believe it’s called. Of course my only other published writing, aside from a poem in my high school newspaper, is the review I wrote for Leo K3 and the Darkside Clique, but little Jason, well, he’s not so little or young any more, well, he assured me I would do just fine.

The album starts with a disc jockey from radio station 96.3 introducing the members of the band (Ry Guy and Ddlux who met in high school in 1990, which isn’t as long ago as it seems when you’re as old as me). Then

it’s off to “Mary I Wanna,” which has some nice fat keyboard sounds in the bass and wispy strings in the treble. The notes say that a DJ Mister Mixx from the band 2LiveCrew plays on this song with the Third Frame boys, though I’m not sure I know who that is unless he’s related to Mr. Food. “3 Piece” is next, and instead of being all happy and floaty it’s fast and aggressive, like Mrs. Goiter’s irritable toy poodle. At one point the words were going so fast I couldn’t keep up, almost like they were falling all over themselves. Young men, you can’t talk that fast wearing dentures, so be sure to brush and floss regularly. “Freakho” is a murky song about women in bars and, to be honest with you, there really should be a law against calling women such horrible names, even if they are harlots. “Dome” was downright spooky, with sounds like a spaceship. The line “Get ya own cheddah” made me giggle and the lady who sang with him, Shawnee, had a most lovely voice, but once again the subject matter wasn’t exactly something that would be discussed in polite society back in my day. There is a very nice Latin feel to “Plush,” along with silly voices that give this party song a bit of a novelty feel, but not overtly like that “Tip Toe Through The Tulips” song ... perfectly dreadful!

“Indiana Boys” is their single and it steals, er, samples, the guitar part from that nice Thomas Petty. But the Third Frame song is very enjoyable, although I’m not sure what they mean when they sing “‘Cause we’re growing more than corn and we got it in sackloads.” Finally, some pretty acoustic guitar is played on “Tomorrow,” which is sedate, like my bridge partner, and doesn’t try too hard to impress. The other three songs are “screwed and chopped” remixes of their own songs, often making the voices sound like giants or adding sounds of people noisily smoking.

With Frame of Mind Third Frame continue to make an impact on the Fort Wayne hip-hop scene. While it’s not really my cup of tea, the songs were nicely done, and I don’t suppose you need to wear heavy gold chains like that gruff but lovable Mr. T to enjoy these songs. If you want to add Frame of Mind to your collection you can have someone drive you to the nearest Wooden Nickel, or drive yourself if you passed your latest vision test. Or you can go to that Internet thing and look at myspace.com/framethree to get more information. Toodleoo!

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