Platform Surgery
Sealing Pandora

by Jason Hoffman Platform Surgery
Sealing Pandora have been terrorizing the 260 area code for years with melodic hardcore, making ear drums bleed with an onslaught of massive grooves, thundering drums and blistering guitars. Following up 2003’s Prequel, they spent the last part of 2004 huddled in the bowels of Monastic Chambers, concocting and perfecting their second album, Platform Surgery.

Like Prequel, Platform Surgery hits hard and fast with six tracks that rip off your head in under 30 minutes. “Remorse Is A Dead Sensation” rises to life with the whine of feedback before being joined by buzz-saw guitars and the manic double-kick drums of Ryan Otherson. By the time raging vocalist Matthew J. joins the fray, your mind has already been reduced to mincemeat. “Together” combines clean and raspy shouted vocals for a nice effect, sounding at times like power rock before diving into hardcore, with Tony Kiefer dragging the band deeper into the realm of the low end. Double-mint guitarists Brad Lee and Craig Maloley make sure no area of metal is left unexplored in “The Sound Of Her Wings,” with one crushing through a gritty riff while the other lays down a piercing melody. As in most of their songs, “The Ring Dang Doo and the Blue Shoes” never stays in one place for long, bruising the meter with constant changes and brutal waves of distortion.

If breakneck tempos, dirty guitars and angst-a-plenty is your current desire, Sealing Pandora have just the procedure for your affliction. Sporting adventurous songs that delve into new territory, Platform Surgery may excise you from your musical doldrums. Available at Wooden Nickel and www.sealingpandora.com.

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