Confidential Reality
Megan King

by Jason Hoffman Confidential Reality
While studying at IPFW Megan King made quite a musical impression on professor and local musician John Minton, so much so that he includes a glowing endorsement in the liner notes of her first album. Recorded at Studiobaker Music in North Webster, Confidential Reality is an excellent collection of well-developed songs in the singer-songwriter style, with Megan playing acoustic guitar and singing all vocal parts.

The 11 tracks are centered around King’s love and knowledge of folk music, as evidenced by her story songs and strong melodies although hints of blues and rock are not uncommon. “Oblivion Road,” the opener, is one of the best tracks, with King’s frail vocals floating over an acoustic guitar as they articulate an amazing amount of expression, forcing the listener to focus on the message. Yet her voice is far from weak. The rocky, yet mysterious “Forgiveness” displays hints of the Wilson sisters of Heart, and the bluesy, but jaunty “Butterfly People” evokes memories of Janis Joplin. But King’s strength is in her vulnerability, found in such songs as the hauntingly beautiful “Dancing Eyes” that feature a mesmerizing cello or “Imagination,” where fiddle and cello join the acoustic guitar for a near-classical experience.

Joining her on this debut musical excursion as heavy hitters like Big Willy and Ted “Mongo” Carter of Summertime Blues Band, fiddler Sean Hoffman, cellist Dan Zambrano and mandolin virtuoso Jay Lapp of Goldmine Pickers. Their experience definitely adds a greater depth to this project, although the songs are so well written and compelling that I have no doubt that they work quite well in a coffee house with just King and her guitar. Mature songwriting, impressive playing, enchanting vocals with endearing two-part harmonies - slip this disc in and become an insider to Megan King’s Confidential Reality.

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