Hollywood Ending

It was the early 80s. I was spending virtually every night at the clubs on the Sunset Strip in Hollywood. The Whiskey, The Roxy and The Troubadour were places you could find fledging bands like Mötley Crüe, Ratt and Great White honing their craft and creating a kind of music that would soon take over the world, only to crash to earth when a bunch of flannel-wearing, shoe gazers hit the scene 10 years later. 

One of those bands I used to make a point to see is one you probably never heard on the radio back then, but you should have. That band is Teaser. Serving up songs layered with infectious attitude and big hooks to match, Teaser make the kind of music you have to hear to believe. Their first album, a self-titled opus finally released just last year, leaned a bit toward their biker rock roots, but their second album, Hollywood Ending, fits quite nicely with those of their peers, thank you very much. 

Of course, none of this is true, except the evaluation of the CDs. Recorded by Dan Middleton at Digitracks Recording Studio in Fort Wayne, Hollywood Ending by Columbia City-based band Teaser only seems like it came from the 80s. Their music takes us back to a time when the guitar was king, hooks were not something you fished with and being called a glam band was not an insult. Wallowing happily in the influences of their brethren of yesteryear, Teaser routinely remind us of L. A. Guns (“Thief in the Night”), early Mötley Crüe (the title track), Autograph (“In My Dreams”) and Black N’ Blue (“I’m Leavin’”). Heck, they even throw in a few 80s-type radio ballads (“Living a Dream” and “I Wanna Thank You”) for good measure. Rest assured, after you’ve listened to the 12 songs on Hollywood Ending, you’ll know you’ve been served with a heavy hand of good ol’ L.A.-influenced rock n’ roll.

Sometimes timing is everything. If Teaser had released Hollywood Ending 25 years ago, I have no doubt they would be the biggest band in the land (or at least northeast Indiana). As it is, Hollywood Ending is a reminder of the good things the era had to offer. The good news is that this is a band we can still go out and enjoy, as they seem to play somewhere in the area most every weekend. I, for one, will not be missing their next performance, as this CD has not left my stereo for weeks. Teaser are my new heroes. All hail Teaser! (Chris Hupe)

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