Wednesday's Tomorrow

by Greg Locke
Wednesday's Tomorrow

With perhaps more star potential on record than possibly any local artist I’ve heard to date, Schizo and her latest album, Wednesday’s Tomorrow, are sure to catch the average listener off guard. To begin with, Schizo is a female, which in any other genre isn’t a big deal, but in the male-dominated hip-hop world a woman as self sufficient as Schizo is a reason to celebrate. By helming eight of the album’s primary 12 beats, Schizo appears on the local hip-hop scene as more than just a proficient emcee, but as a well rounded talent with a clear vision.

Honing her skills since the age of eight, Tiya “Schizo” Green grew up on the south side of Fort Wayne before relocating to Columbus, Ohio. Although she doesn’t currently live in the Fort, Schizo remains a strong presence on the local scene.

Wednesday’s Tomorrow‘s production leaves a bit to be desired at times. It’s clear that Schizo and fellow producers Leeo and Da Science have the right idea, and at times are very successful, yet the overall product often feels somewhat contrived. Not to say that the beats aren’t good - in fact, they’re great - but next to her vocals most beats might feel a bit lackluster. Too ambitious for a raw, underground sound and not quite at the measures of a professionally produced release, Wednesday’s Tomorrow‘s production is a bit off at times and more or less plagued by ideas too ambitious for their current means and not ambitious enough for their accompanying vocals.

The real focal point here is Schizo’s superb writing and vocal skills. On standout tracks like “Carolina Skies,” “Foolish,” “Before I Die” and “Ribbon in the Sky,” Schizo’s obvious appreciation of mid-90s hip-hop shines through without ever feeling too influenced. Easily one of the best female emcee’s I’ve heard in years (no joke), Schizo’s Wednesday’s Tomorrow will hopefully act as a catalyst for a long career to come.

Simply put, Wednesday’s Tomorrow is one of the best all-around albums to see release in Fort Wayne in 2005. With any luck, Schizo will catch the good fortune of Amanda Perez and Third Frame, and Wednesday’s Tomorrow will find its way into the right (corporate cash cow) hands. With her charisma and sheer understanding of hip-hop music, Schizo could easily outshine the success of either of the aforementioned artists. Pick up Wednesday’s Tomorrow at Convolution Records ASAP.

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