Zippity Doo Da Dam!
Tito Discovery

by Jason Hoffman Zippity Doo Da Dam!</

      The first thing you notice when listening to Tito Discovery's debut album, Zippity Doo Da Dam!, is the immense amount of distortion and orchestrated chaos. Johnny "Slewfoot" Revers raggedly opines, "Well I got up this morning / Give the cat a chase," his voice whiskey raw and immediately followed by Pete Dio's loose drums, John Morton's round bass and a guitar seemingly rankensteined to a circular saw when played with a slide. Hints of Zeppelin mix with AC/DC and ZZ Top to form a massive southern sound of unbridled passion.

      After "Makin' Bacon" the band grinds in some funk with "Obeaman," frantically chasing a blues riff before vaulting into the title track, which itself is a kind of tireless rough-and-tumble southern-infused mass of distortion and melody, occasionally throwing in a surprise rhythm change to get you ready for one of the many fiery guitar solos compliments of Mike Morton. "Peter Ruder" slackens the pace but leaves the intensity set at unbearable levels, occasionally giving vent to the pressure through manic instrumental passages that leave the inside of your head throbbing like a weekend hangover. Hendrix gets a nod in "Werewolf," but only so as to leave him vulnerable in a field full of hungry half-beasts, as the entire band doggedly follows a winding riff through many fuzzy and disorienting changes.

      The final track, "Jumpin' Jason," at first tricks you with a seemingly calm front-porch plucking, and yet you know all along that someone is under the porch with a chain saw, the truth of which comes out halfway through the song in the form of extended slide guitar solos, tattered like a trucker on his third night of No-Doze.

      With six tracks running just under 30 minutes, the self-produced Zippity Doo Da Dam! is the perfect length, filling your head with just enough buzzing guitars, screaming vocals, frantic bass and dangerous drums to let you know you're lucky to come away with all your limbs. For more information check out www.titodiscovery.com.

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