Lux in Tenebris Lucet
The Sunny Taylor Band

by Ginny LaRoe


There aren't many people left in Fort Wayne who haven't heard about Sunny Taylor, and those who haven't must be living in a cave. Her band's debut album, Lux in Tenebris Lucet, (which features Brian Lemert, Rick Callender, Kevin Moran, Mike Hockaday and Dave Taylor) is one of the most anticipated local releases of the new year.

The songs that Taylor chose to record are a dynamic mix of edgy rock n' roll tunes, such as the ever popular "So Long" and "Fiction (I Wrecked Your Car)" to more emotion-heavy songs like "Lullaby for Ben" and the hauntingly vengeful "F.U.M.S." The touching, all-acoustic version of the love song "Not Necessary," where she says, "You know what's in my soul/the half of you that makes me whole," is a great display of her versatility as both a performer and songwriter. A favorite among Taylor fans, the feel-good "Gypsy," is the kind of song that could easily become a radio hit if it ever got into the right hands.

One of the biggest surprises on the album is the version of "Somehow," which is far different from the simple acoustic version most Taylor fans are used to hearing. A combination of clever drum work by Dave Taylor, the grown-up vocals of his little sis (reminiscent of Bonnie Raitt) and soothing electric lead by Lemert makes this song one of the best on the album.

Keeping in mind that Moran, Hockaday, Lemert, and Callender are not in the current Sunny Taylor Band, it is no surprise how different the album sounds compared to the now edgier and bluesier STB. In fact, the current band does less than half of the songs on the album at gigs.

Lux in Tenebris Lucet is an important milestone for Fort Wayne music. It will definitely clear up any misconceptions that Taylor is just a simple folk singer. Yeah, she can write folk songs, but she can also rock as hard as the next guy (not to mention write ballads that will bring the most unemotional person to tears). And what she uses to get the job done is a potent combination of her strong and nimble voice paired with songs that read like the story of her life.

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