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Heaven is a Dream
Brandon Jordan
Alternative Rock


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Uploaded 1 year ago
Brandon Jordan was born and raised in Fort Wayne, Indiana. He has been singing since he was a kid, later writing and recording beginning in his early teens. He's now 22, still writing and recording. He has released 8 albums and 6 EPs to date. His biggest influences are David Bowie, Sufjan Stevens, John Lennon, and Gerard Way.

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Heaven is a dream,
That just seems,
Like it was made,
For you and me

Part of the machine,
Part of the big dream,
We feel that we are numbers,
On a screen

The machine is awake,
I ruined their myth of me,
I'm not what they wanted,
I am someone else

Everybody's sleeping,
They got their head in the clouds,
They got the T-shirt on,
They got the television loud
And everything is just damn fine
Nothing’s on their minds

As long as I know,
There is a world outside dreams,
I don’t even notice,
What it’s like to be free anymore,
At least I know unlike them
I am not like them

And God only knows,
Where they’d be without you,
It just goes to show,
Where they’d be without you

Heaven is a dream,
That was made,
For you and me
It just seems,
Like it was made,
For you and me

Written by Brandon Jordan. © Brandon Jordan

Current Issue
Apr. 15-21
Vol. 25 No. 36

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