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Miami Indian Heritage Days

Learn about edible and usable plants and materials

Monthly Miami Indian Heritage Days are held at Chief Richardville House.

Chris Hupe

Whatzup Features Writer

Published August 31, 2022

Miami Indian Heritage Days provides an opportunity for visitors to experience the traditions of the local Miami Tribe, passed down from their ancestors.

 The events take place on the first Saturday of each month with the September showcase taking place Saturday, Sept. 3, at the Chief Richardville House, 5705 Bluffton Road, centered around Dani Tippmann’s feature presentation, Miami Harvest: Edible and Usable Plants and Materials. 

Chief Jean Baptiste de Richardville was among the earliest entrepreneurs native to the Fort Wayne and was considered the richest man in Indiana at the time of his death in 1841. Richardville’s Greek Revival Style home, built in 1827, is recognized as the oldest Native American structure in the Midwest and a unique example of a treaty house. 

The $7 admission for the event includes a guided tour of the house.

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