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Local group Loveseat! is about to hit the roof

Local group to play atop Don Hall's Gas House on Oct. 15

Loveseat! will play a special rooftop show on Saturday, Oct. 15.

Published October 13, 2022

Loveseat! is climbing the ladder, literally.

On Saturday, Oct. 15, the local alternative group will play a free show at The Deck from atop Don Hall’s Gas House with Squirrel Cage and Jess Thrower.

“I think it’s gonna turn out to be really cool, and not even just because we’re playing,” Loveseat!’s lead singer Mary Mitchener said. “It’s special because The Deck and Don Hall’s is doing a concert on the roof, and they haven’t done that in years. That in itself is a cool thing.”

Mitchener’s boss at The Deck, Covado Jones, estimates no one has played on the roof since Chris Dodds did so about a decade ago. So why did they decide it was time to do it again?

“Because Mary’s awesome,” Jones said. “She’s an amazing person. Just positive energy to have around The Deck, and her music is pretty darn good.”

In her first year working at The Deck, Mitchener inquired if the venue ever had live music and volunteered to play if a band was ever needed.

“My boss said, ‘If you have a good season, we’ll see about making that happen.’” she said. “It got to about a month ago, and he was like, ‘Where are your flyers at?’”

While Mitchener was preparing to play a conventional show in the beer garden, things took an unexpected turn.

“It wasn’t even until this week that he sent me a text saying he had a surprise for me,” Mitchener said. “We were just going to play in the beer garden, but Ben Hall had the idea to do it on the roof. They asked if I wanted to play in the beer garden or the roof, and, obviously, we want to play on the roof.”

The move was nearly as surprising to Jones as it was to Mitchener.

“I mentioned (the show) to my boss, Ben Hall, and he said, ‘Why don’t you just put her on the roof?’” Jones said. “I asked if he was sure about that, and he was like, ‘Yeah, let’s do it.’”

Along with the free music, The Deck will be serving up drinks and a dish to warm you on a mid-October evening.

“You just walk up to what we call our Hot Box area, which is our auxiliary bar, where there will be chili, so you can add cheese, jalapeños, and things like that,” Jones said.

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