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Young Swagstar / Bombay & Lemonade

J. Hubner

Whatzup Features Writer

Published February 8, 2012

Heads Up! This article is 11 years old.

Michael Wayne Spoores Jr, aka Yung Swagstar, wants you to know he has arrived. On his new mixtape, Bombay & Lemonade, he’s heard loud and clear. The Indiana-by-way-of-Illinois-by-way-of-Iowa rapper has the flow and the beats to back up the swagger displayed on this Midwest mixtape.

Opening track “Bombay & Lemonade” starts the party off right. With the help of Kristopher Kaoss, Yung Swagstar throws down rhyme after rhyme. According to him, he gave birth to hip-hop. Unless a paternity test is produced, I’m inclined to believe him. “Tracks We Blastin” is a mission statement of sorts. “Music ain’t a hobby, it’s a way to survive,” Yung says over a stuttering beat and sampled strings. “It’s On 2Nite” is a slow jam filled with groove and baby-making rhythm. R. Kelley would approve. “Who You Tellin” is filled with f-bombs and bass bombs. Who you tellin’? Yung don’t give a s**t. “Let Me Be” is a call to let Swagstar be as swaggy as he wants to be. On “Shot Me Down” Yung raps, “Be my sun, baby, let me be your sunshine, you can see that I can look in my eyes.” An uplifting track that is sure to be a hit.

Yung Swagstar gets plenty of help from his friends on this Midwest hip-hop manifesto. With Kristopher Kaoss, J Glide, and Yung Nap helping out on tracks like”‘Bombay & Lemonade,” “All I Need,” “Fire,” “Let Me Be” and “Tracks We Blastin’,” Bombay & Lemonade has a real collaborative feel to it.

Michael Wayne Spoores Jr, otherwise known as Yung Swagstar, likes XBox 360, meeting new people, tattoos and hip hop. Not necessarily in that order. He also loves his fans, whom he has christened “Team Swagstar.” According to him, the word “fan” just isn’t good enough for the lovers of Yung. They deserve better, and Yung Swagstar gives it to them.

Yung Swagstar is currently working on his first official album called First Class Swag. Until that hits the streets, be sure to pick up a copy of Bombay & Lemonade mixtape today.

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