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Lori Triplett / Dawn

Jason Hoffman

Whatzup Features Writer

Published September 30, 2004

Heads Up! This article is 19 years old.

Lori Triplett has been awing and inspiring audiences in Ohio for the past year and has now begun to advance upon Fort Wayne with her album Dawn firmly in hand. Each of the 11 songs feature Triplett passionately playing the piano and singing expressions of her faith. Recorded at Monastic Chambers , Brother Jon helped to flesh out the songs with synths, bass, overdubbed vocal harmonies, drum kits and a pinch of electric guitar, giving already robust songs a greater depth.

When listening to the title track you can hear how this fervent song of “leaving the past in the past and running fast to the dawn” would work well with just piano and vocals, but when the drums and slightly overdriven guitar come in at just the right times they pack such an empathic punch that it seems as if they were always there. Other instrumental enhancements further fortify the mood and message of each song. A weeping cello is added to “Clear The Way,” a song about someone on the verge of experiencing a great tragedy, serving to underscore the severity of this impending catastrophe. “Somehow” soars with an encouraging melody sung by Lori’s strong, clean voice and a bolster of musical backing including flute, cello and orchestral strings. The simple piano and light strings of “All Around You” provide a comforting encouragement for lyrics such as “I’m all around / Every twinkle in a smiling eye / Every color in a summer sky.” The too-brief “Interlude” features a pleasing interplay of a cappella non-verbal lines excerpted from “Closure,” a song of healing that has a darker feel than the rest of the album, utilizing effects on the vocals for the first time as well as a somber tone. “Undeserving” is an aptly intimate praise to Christ comprised of just passionate vocals and piano, closing the album with Lori at her finest performance.

Those who enjoy piano-centric songs of worship will find much to enjoy with this release. The lyrics are well written and express Triplett’s faith with an earnest eloquence that is quite refreshing. The melodies and song writing are likewise very mature, revealing Triplett to have found her musical niche. Dawn is available at Anchor Room, Barnes & Nobles and Borders.

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