Finding the confidence to put one’s creative endeavors out into the world for people to see, hear, touch, interpret, and judge can often times be a bigger challenge than the creation process. Fort Wayne’s KK Eko has taken the plunge on his It Is Comming to Pass!, an album meant for open minds and selective ears.

Opening with the instrumental “Storm Abated,” KK melds together an array of tropical keyboards, chimes, guitars, digital drum programming, and subtle bass lines for what feels like a frantic vacation unwilling to commit to any genre or style. “Holy Thou Must Be” is another tropical number, this time with a spiritual slant. KK’s vocals are spot on, as he once again mixes keyboards in the foreground, backed by a reggae-inspired bass line that perfectly fits the tracks vocal style. Marna Renteria’s enchanting flute playing on “Great Things in Motion” perfectly accents KK’s textured key-work for what ends up being on of the albums more unique and successful moments.

“Praise Worthy” is another spirited number that with the sudden sound of a whistle, works itself into an upbeat synth jam before quickly dropping back into a slower chant of praise. The hard-to-follow “U Be Good” feels very awkward in composition and style but kicks off an excellent collaboration with Davey and Malaika Wright, Unwana Eko and Chidi Jones all contributing backing vocals on a series of four spiritual songs.

While “U Be Good” was somewhat un-listenable due to it’s experimental nature, the quirky “Praise Him” is loaded with the off-kilter charm that so perfectly cements the purpose of making an album such as It Is Comming to Pass. While it is very clear throughout the album that KK has a ways to go before putting out a fully realized release, songs such as “Praise Him” show the promise of better days.

“UnEqUaL Friendship” again sees KK falling back on a wall of keyboards and wallflower percussion. KK’s charming voice and natural charisma seem to be neglected throughout the majority of It Is Comming to Pass!. “Him God” feels awkward and undercooked musically as KK charms his way through introspective vocals before slipping into a series of three instrumental tracks to close out his debut release.

“3 Nods” employs the assistance of local legend Tom Temple on EFX, Tracy Naylor on guitar and keys and Ronnie Mcrary on keys for what is without doubt the album’s prize moment. The song’s slow nature eventually works it’s way into a musical workout before again slowing back down into a pleasant jam driven by KK’s slight key work.

KK Eko and his debut album are a unique and welcome addition to Fort Wayne’s music scene. His fondness for music and religion are very authentic and always well executed throughout. By possibly varying his drum sounds and replacing his often generic key-work with something of a more organic nature, KK could vastly improve his sound. While somewhat flawed, It is Comming to Pass! births a great new local talent with the song writing skills and passion to do great things.