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Blame It on Rio / The Art of Saving Yourself

Jason Hoffman

Whatzup Features Writer

Published October 20, 2005

Heads Up! This article is 18 years old.

Jonny Katt and Josh Hatfield form the nuclease

of the band, with dual guitars and vocals.

Bassist Derek holds down a solid low end and

Andrew not only drums but adds well-timed

contrasts through the gentle art of screaming. In

the sugar-pumped radio-friendly punk-pop

“Lenoir,” appealing gutsy guitar riffs are

layered with clean singing that is overcome

occasionally with the more emotionally tortured

rantings of Andrew with lines like “It’s over

when it’s over,” evoking the best of MXPX. “What

I Meant to Say” is more driving, with a chugging

riff, tasty drum stick clicks in the chorus and a

cheerful melody that exudes joyous youthful

exuberance in the proud Green Day tradition.

Ultra-compressed buzzing guitars forming big

riffs out of bigger guitars pervade “Still I Am

Nothing.” This song also sports dueling lead

vocals and their typical surgically clean

production, backed by a strong melody that would

appeal to fans of Senses Fail or As I Lay Dying.

“From The Beginning” starts with a quieter guitar

part, but 20 seconds later they make up for it

with a flurry of double kick drums and metal

guitars in a breakneck pace as the screaming

attacks the melodic vocals, seeking vengeance for

sins of the past. More metal influence is present

on “Begging For Acceptance,” but only in the

guitar tone; the attitude and melody are pure

modern punk. The harsh guitars and higher

quotient of screaming makes this song slightly

different from the other tracks, but it never

betrays its punk energy, sending the listener off

with a happy boot to the behind.

While running a mere 17 minutes, The Art of

Saving Yourself is crammed with enough energy

to overflow most longer albums. Each of the five

tracks exhibits their mastery of their

instruments as well as the art of songwriting,

making for a brisk but very enjoyable listen. For

more information and to hear song samples, visit

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