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More than Korn at the Coliseum

Breaking Benjamin, Bones UK join show

Chris Hupe

Chris Hupe

Whatzup Features Writer

Published January 23, 2020

Grammy award-winning heavyweights Korn and multi-platinum hard rockers Breaking Benjamin are currently on an epic tour that brings them to the Allen County Memorial Coliseum in Fort Wayne on Feb. 4. 

Fans will be treated to two of the biggest forces in rock today performing on the same stage that night, as well as the up-and-coming future of rock, Bones UK.

Music from Pain

On Friday, Sept. 13, 2019, Korn released their 13th studio album, The Nothing. The album is dark even by Korn standards. It’s packed with deeply personal lyrics relating to singer Jonathon Davis’ recent life, a time where he lost both his wife and his mother within two months. 

In a recent interview with Whatzup, Korn guitarist Brian “Head” Welch revealed that although the band had already written all of the music for the album, no one knew the true direction the effort would take until Davis added his lyrics to it.

“For every album we’ve written, he’s like the icing on the cake in the process,” Welch said. “We get everything ready and try to create that canvas to inspire him and bring all that emotion out and he creates the final product.” 

Although the overall tone of The Nothing is one of mourning, depression, and despair, it’s being lauded as one of the best albums of their career. 

“A lot of great music can come from pain,” Welch said. “We’ve seen it from thousands of artists before and Jonathan is one of those people who processes pain through music. He went through the most intense pain you can go through in losing his wife. That’s a high level of pain and that’s why The Nothing feels so deep and personal. It’s real and raw and why people connect with it.”

After nearly three decades as a band, Welch says they continue to remain relevant because of their dedication to crafting the right music as well as their focus on touring, putting on a memorable live show every night. 

“The sound of the music has a unique tone and Jonathan Davis is very unique in his lyrics and emotional style. Combine that with working hard and having a cool live show and it’s been a recipe for success.” 

Maturing Members

Staying together for as long as they have hasn’t always been easy, Welch said, but the band has learned a few things as the years progressed and the members have matured. 

“I think just accepting each other’s flaws and knowing that we’re not perfect and if everyone gives a little, like in a marriage where you give a little and take a little, that’s the best way,” Welch said. “It’s all about humility and letting others have their say.”

Welch says that when the doors to the Coliseum open up, fans should expect chaos.

He says having a complimentary band like Breaking Benjamin on the tour only adds to the experience as they are a band that are of the same mindset as Korn and can unleash hit after hit after hit. 

“We toured with them back in 2013 or ’14 and Ben (Burnley) got Korn tattooed on his wrist. He’s just a true fan and vice versa. They have their own sound, but Ben is a vocalist who has definitely been inspired by Jonathan. He puts his emotions on the music like Jonathan, but in a unique way. We’re big fans of that band.” 

Don’t miss the Opening act

You’ll also want to make sure you get there early and catch the opening act, Bones UK, who are building momentum and likely won’t be an opening band for long. 

Taking a group like Bones UK out on the road is part of what Welch says is his band’s duty as elder statesmen of rock.

“We’re just fans of music like everyone else and, at the end of the day, we’re blessed to do what we do and get the chance to accomplish so much,” Welch said. “Bones UK is a band that has recently gotten on our radar and we wanted to introduce them to our fans. They are amazing.”

Bones UK describe themselves as “future rock.” Established in 2015, the duo of vocalist/guitarist Rosie Bones and lead guitarist Carmen Vandenberg were recruited by Jeff Beck to collaborate on his 2016 album, Loud Hailer

The band released their self-titled debut album in July of last year and have been on tour ever since, though none as high profile as this one. 

Confident they are building their fan base one show at a time, the women have a great mindset about the whole thing as told to Whatzup in a separate interview. 

“We don’t want to recreate what everybody else does,” Vandenberg said. “We want to take rock to a new place to show people it isn’t dead like some people have said, but we also just want to make sure we enjoy what we’re doing. 

“So many times musicians put themselves under so much pressure. We want to be huge and we want to have great songs, but we’re not desperate for that. If that happens then great. We’re just trying to have fun and whatever happens happens.”

 “We’re really excited about this tour,” Bones added. “It’s really nice of those guys to take us on the road and we can’t wait to go.” 

Fans should expect “a lot of energy, to be inspired, and have a lot of fun. We love the other bands on this tour. We feel like we will be a good fit with their fans but if we’re not, then it makes it more challenging and we get to win people over. 

“Or not,” she added with a chuckle. “Whatever.”


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