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Forecast forces Vibe Higher Fest to move to Aug. 28

Multigenre music coming to Freimann Square

The second annual Vibe Higher Fest will be Aug. 21 at Freimann Square.

Published August 17, 2022

The good vibes at Freimann Square will be held off another week due to rain.

Following a rainout on July 17, the second annual Vibe Higher Fest was set for Sunday, Aug. 21, featuring live music, vendors, and food trucks. However, with more rain expected Sunday, it will now try to be held Sunday, Aug. 28.

“(The rainout) actually cleared out some problems,” co-organizer Crystal C-Note Clouse said about finding a silver lining in the event being initially postponed.

Organic growth

The free festival was developed almost by accident. Clouse’s initial plan was just to get some friends together at Freimann Square to shoot a music video for her song “Vibe Higher” last year. The response was so huge that it led to a full-blown event.

“At first, we just wanted to make it vibrant and colorful, then we figured, ‘Hey, why don’t we bring in some bands?’ ” she said. “It just quickly snowballed into an event. We went from shooting a music video and having some friends come out to going to 30 vendors and some food trucks, and 700 people came out. It was kind of crazy how it grew organically.”

Along with promoter Maxine Gauna of In Motion Promotions, Clouse began to receive requests to bring the festival back this year, which ultimately happened.

“I didn’t know it was going to be an annual thing until people started hitting me up, saying, ‘Hey, can we play? Can we perform? Can we be vendors?’ So, Maxine of In Motion and I were like, ‘Well, should we do this again? Everyone seems to wanna make it happen, so might as well make it an annual festival.’ ”

Something for everyone

The variety of music is sure to offer something for everyone, from blues and rock to hip-hop.

“There will be entertainment consistently,” Clouse said. “There’s no break in the middle.”

Along with music, aerial performers will be on hand, as will fire dancer Danielle Belle and the Fort Wayne B-Boys.

Variety permeates into the vendor area, where you will be able to browse art, pottery, clothing, and much more.

The whole idea is to make it as local as possible, especially with vendors and food,” Clouse said.

In all, there will be 13 different kinds of performances to check out, including Sevio & Rico Finesse, FUNKshui, Kyla, Saric, DJ Cool Kid and Princess Malia, Plumdingo, Pop N Fresh, Danielle Violet, Black Code, T-Zank, and C-Note.

Having good time

In the end, Clouse and Gauna’s goal is to bring people together, and what better way to do so than with free music?

“It’s very lighthearted and everyone wants to get along,” Clouse said about the festival. “The fact that we’re putting so many different people together in the same spot, I think that’s a huge driving force to keep it going.”

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