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Nick Braun

Whatzup Features Writer

Published May 27, 2004

Heads Up! This article is 18 years old.

For some, black metal is a term never heard

before, or perhaps a genre that has come and

gone. In the Fort Wayne area, that’s not true at


Black metal, sometimes referred to as death

metal, still has a strong following in this area,

with a number of bands playing venues regularly.

One such band is Cryptic.

Since their formation in 2001, Cryptic have had

their share of different members. Now, after over

more than a year together, the current lineup –

which consists of vocalist Terry Linn, bassist

Rick LaSalle, drummer Jason Hatzell, and

guitarists Bill Klug and Keeb Sutton – seems set.

There is a lot of experience between them;

they’ve been tearing up the local scene for

awhile now in bands like Das Macht, Kor,

Subconcious and Venesection. Now this all-star

line-up comes together and continues to stay true

to their metal roots with what Linn describes as

“brutal black death music.

“We write perfectly together and agree on

everyone’s ideas,” says Sutton about the healthy

bond of the band.

“We are all striving for the same goal,” adds

Klug. That is something that definitely shows

during their live performances. The heavy riffs

blaring from both seven-string guitars and the

five-string bass, the pounding of the drums, and

the commanding vocals coming from Linn, all seems

to gel together perfectly. Just taking a glance

at Linn, you may ask yourself, “where in the

world does that voice come from?”

On top of all the local gigs they have been

playing, Cryptic have done their share of

traveling. Last year they played the Gods of

Blastphemy Festival in New York which took place

in Manhattan, and early this year they hit the

stage for Doomfest in Detroit. Coming up on the

weekend of September 17-18, the band will be

heading back to Detroit for the International

Metal Fest. Bands will be coming from as far away

as Texas to play the festival, and there will be

some from overseas as well. The band has plans to

go back to New York as well as Texas and

Minneapolis (where LaSalle plans on getting more

ink on his body).

Just recently, the guys stuck with their notion

to keep the metal alive here in Fort Wayne by

throwing their own festival, Bloodfest. Held at

Legends Sports Bar, Bloodfest consisted of eight

brutal bands, vendors and giveaways. In addition

to local bands, they also brought in bands from

surrounding states.

“It was good to see that there are that many

people still true to the metal. That night we

noticed a lot of old school people coming out of

the woodwork,” said Linn.

With all the success from Bloodfest, Linn adds,

“it’s definitely going to be an annual event.”

They all feel Bloodfest has the potential of

becoming a big annual event.

Since they all grew up around the area, they

know that there are still some true metalheads in

Fort Wayne. “It’s cool to see the same 10

metalheads at each show, but we know there [are]

more out there; we just need to get them off the

couch,” said Klug.

Hatzell adds, “Slayer sold out at Piere’s. You

can’t tell me there are no metalheads that are

hungry for the music.”

The guys from Cryptic are currently adding the

finishing touches for their upcoming CD titled,

Once Holy Realm. The CD will be released

on their label, Dark Horizon Records out of Fort

Wayne. It will consist of eight brutal tracks and

should be available this summer. With track

titles such as “Bloodsoaked Memories,” “For When

the Gods Fail,” and “Embraced by Darkness,”

you’ve got to know that Cryptic aren’t messing


No matter what the future holds for Cryptic,

they plan on staying true to metal. The scene is

coming back after peaking about 10 years ago,

when you could catch a metal show every weekend.

One positive sign was the playing of death metal

on X102’s Metal Shop (although management put an

end to that).

If you still have that true metal deep inside

you or are wanting to see some of the most

barbaric music known to man, then check out a

Cryptic show as soon as you can. You won’t be


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