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Brad Beauchamp

Whatzup Features Writer

Published June 1, 2017

Heads Up! This article is 6 years old.

I am so happy to be working on my favorite show!

This is my third time directing and choreographing Joseph at Fort Wayne Civic Theatre and my seventh to choreograph/direct the show since I left the national tour with Donny Osmond in 1996.

When we first started putting Joseph back together in rehearsals, I had forgotten how much fun this show is. This story really is fun to work on and watch come to life before your very eyes.

The narrator in Joseph is the window to transforming our imagination. She takes an “old Bible story” and makes it leap off the pages to life on stage right in front of us. It is a fun, hilarious, entertaining journey.

I am also reminded of what an incredible message of hope, faith and trust this story is. As he was tossed into a well or put away in prison, Joseph was not assured that there was a bigger plan for him or had any hope at all. But there was! We should be encouraged by this story when dark times or unfortunate situations arise around us. Like Joseph, there truly is more for us, a bigger plan! With all the fun and humor and dancing going on in this show, it is easy to lose that message, but I hope everyone will feel encouraged with Joseph’s story – not as an “old Bible story,” but as your story.

I would like to thank the audience and the Fort Wayne Civic’s staff and crew. I’d also like to add that this is the most talented Joseph cast I have worked with! Enjoy the show.

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