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Day of Debs sure to be lively night at The Clyde

Debutants party will have music, activities, vendors

Debutants will host Day of the Debs on Oct. 29 at The Clyde.

Nick Braun

Whatzup Features Writer

Published October 19, 2022

Don’t look now folks, but Halloween is just around the corner. 

That means you better add those finishing touches to your forthcoming party. Maybe create a festive graveyard scene in the front yard, drape cobwebs from the chandelier, check out Rob Zombie’s new Munsters movie, and consider one of those brains made of Jell-O to place on the table. 

Then again, if you are Debutants, you go a step further and throw a party at The Clyde. After all, why not? Plus, you won’t have to worry about someone’s wig hair getting in your dip. 

Come One, Come All

Day of the Debs, a sequel to the inaugural Debutants Ball back in April, will take place on Saturday, Oct. 29 at 7 p.m., and will be the ideal place for attendees to celebrate the holiday and to show off that new costume. 

Those of you lucky enough to have attended Debutants Ball back on April 30 at The Clyde know firsthand what the newgrass band can do to the venue. From aerial performers to a man on stilts to live art, the event had it all. 

“That Ball ended up being an ultimate sensory musical experience,” vocalist/guitarist Jon Swain said. “Everyone involved had such a hoot that we decided, let’s give it another go!” 

This time around, they will take over the haunted halls of The Clyde for a festival of fright you will not soon forget. There will be local and regional vendors at the resurrected Bazaar Bizarre, a depraved Debutants-inspired food and drink menu, wicked contests and giveaways, and spine-tingling surprises. There will also be a limited run of T-shirts honoring the event for purchase, featuring the fine artwork of Phan Gear Prints, who did the magnificent show poster as well. 

Of course, no party is complete without live music. Set to perform are The Dead Pickers Society and two bloodcurdling sets of bluegrass(-ish) music from your haunted hosts Debutants. 

“We have such an amazing scene of artists, musicians, and creative minds here in our community, it is such an honor to try and bring them together for events such as this,” Swain said. 

Expanding footprint

The Day of the Debs will highlight a pretty eventful year for the band, as they’ve kept their feet on the gas and expanded their horizons to shows in new towns and bigger festivals. Some of the Indiana festivals included the Hippy Hill Fest in Bean Blossom, the Lightning Bug Music Festival in Valparaiso, two nights at the Tri-State Bluegrass Festival in Kendallville, and our annual Middle Waves festival. 

Do not be surprised if they return to these festivals next year or get asked to join others, as I have heard nothing but good things about these summer performances. As a matter of fact, organizers of the Lightning Bug Music Festival posted, “We couldn’t have dreamed up a better show than the Debutants closing out Lightning Bug properly. A 7-piece Indiana newgrass band, playing their hearts out at our Indiana festival felt so right. They were a staple for this year and we think they should be a cornerstone of Lightning Bug for years to come.” Those are encouraging words indeed. 

When asked about the festivals, vocalist/mandolinist Lynn Nicholson said, “Some of the best times were staying up all night at the different fests, jamming with the band and new friends we made there. Can’t wait to do it again.” 

In addition to their out-of-town gigging and private parties, they performed about a dozen times at Junk Ditch Brewing Company’s Tuesday night food truck rallies that were well attended. Furthermore, Junk Ditch even debuted the first Debutants-inspired beer, Indiana Brewgrass. 

Taking a breather

After the Clyde performance, the band has one more hurrah before the end of the year, performing at Trubble Brewing during the always-lively night before Thanksgiving, Nov. 23. After that, the band will go into a brief hibernation. 

“The winter is always our offseason, we rest, write, and hangout without the pressure of upcoming gigs,” Nicholson said. “We’re hoping to finalize material for a full-length album to be recorded later winter/early spring. Musically, we’re tighter than ever. We have about 150 songs in our catalog now, including more and more original tunes that always continue to develop as we play them. 

“We love to hang out with each other, eat together, and rehearsals are like weekly therapy sessions,” he added. “We’re proud of all the progress the band has made, and all the fans that support us and push us to new levels.” 

The celebratory Mexican holiday Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead) is like a family reunion of sorts, except dead ancestors are the guests of honor. Day of the Debs on the other hand, will be a reunion of fans and friends honoring of one of the hottest bands on our local music scene. 

Make a point to come out and take part in all the Debutants-esque festivities. Just like Debutants Ball, Day of the Debs will be talked about for years to come. 

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