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Cebolla’s generous with price, portions

Rack & Helen's reopens, Acme returns to fanfare

Cebolla's Mexican Grill doesn't skimp on portion sizes.

Dean Jackson

Whatzup Features Writer

Published November 9, 2022

It’s been a Fort Wayne favorite for years. Cebolla’s Mexican Grill is a local restaurant group with many area locations, including Don Chava’s on North Wells Street. Last week, I checked out the restaurant on West Jefferson Boulevard at Time Corners. 

It’s been a few years, and it was time to come back. 

You don’t get far without being captivated by the authentic music and the colorful tables and booths. The tables and booths capture a vivid rainbow of classic Mexican vistas. 

My booth had a man in a sombrero enjoying a siesta. The walls are lined with large historic photos.  

Emma was my server and she wasted no time bringing authentic homemade salsa and tortilla chips.  Frankly, there was no point at which the basket or carafe of dip were empty. It’s a huge indication of their commitment to service. 

The menu was ample with page after page of options. I chose the Quesadilla de la Casa. My daughter got tortilla soup and a shredded beef chimichanga. The portions are large, easily equal to the price.

I say that I was initially moderately taken back by the soft drink prices at $3.30, certainly higher than the typical high water mark locally of $2.99 per glass. But again these glasses were enormous. 

What surprised me most were the portion sizes. There were ample heaps of peppers, lettuce, sour cream, and lettuce in both entrees. I know I stole bites of her dish, too. I really appreciated that each bite contained an ample mix of meat and vegetables. That is to say, they didn’t cut corners. 

All this as the meal was delivered practically in five minutes, realistically no more than 12. 

In addition to the Time Corners location at 5930 West Jefferson Blvd., Cebolla’s has locations at 236 Fernhill Ave., 602 East Dupont Road, 2787 Maplecrest Road, and 1037 Smaltz Way in Auburn. 

Don’t forget their Acapulco restaurants in Steuben County in Hamilton at Hamilton Lake and in Angola on Bayview near the Four Corners near Lake James and Jimmerson Lake.

Rack & Helen’s rises from the ashes

After nearly five months, a favorite New Haven restaurant is back. 

Rack & Helen’s Bar and Grill, 525 Broadway St., was ravaged by massive fire this summer. After diligent work, owners Pat and Myra Anderson have brought the bar and grill back to life. It’s reopened as of Nov. 8.

“We may have a fresh new look (and it looks AWESOME) but we’ll still be the same inviting establishment all of you have come to love over the years,” the restaurant said in a Facebook post. 

The service, they say, will remain excellent.

Fans of the Acme come out in force

The cheering you hear from the Northside neighborhoods for return of the staple, The Acme by Full Circle on East State Boulevard.

Let me tell you, the response has been nothing short of phenomenal. That is, if their packed parking lot is an indication. 

I made it in for the soft opening, and after driving through the parking lot a couple times, I finally parked across the street. I went back later in the week, and parking was still at a premium. 

Waiting is typically not a problem; both nights I walked right in. I had high expectations, and I was not disappointed. 

They are using a much smaller menu for now, but will expand it once they get settled in.

On our radar

The Rooted Vegan in Angola recently celebrated its one-year anniversary. 

Located downtown near the courthouse, it’s become a popular breakfast and lunch destination with 6:30 a.m.-2 p.m. hours, Tuesday-Saturday. It’s also a bakery with gluten-free and sugar-free items. 

After its humble beginnings at farmers markets, the owners dove into an eatery a few months later.

Joseph Decuis caters to your wishes

Here’s something a little different for your holidays. 

Joseph Decuis can accommodate your event, whether its two people or 20, they can make it just right for you in the elegance of their 

They are also offering locally raised turkeys and/or wagyu beef from their farm. They also are complete meals with the sides. Call 260.672.1725 to make reservations or  meal orders.

Be sure to tip your server

Tipping servers is how they make a living. A caller from one of Fort Wayne’s upscale restaurants told me they are having a rash of patrons who purchase large meals, but for whatever reason, leave off the tip. 

According to the caller, it’s not just their restaurant, other places report similar issues. Bottom line is tipping is generally in the 15-20 percent range, and most tip 18 percent. 

It’s especially problematic when it’s hard to find good restaurant workers and keep them. In many cases their base pay is a few dollars an hour, so it’s imperative to make it worth their while. 

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