Things to Do in Fort Wayne and Beyond
Thom Hofrichter

Thom Hofrichter

Whatzup Features Writer


Hear the stories of our heroes in First Presbyterian production

I grew up in a generation where the military didn’t really need me. I was 14 when the Vietnam war ended and by the time we were participating in the […]

Plenty of holiday shows to unwrap at First Presbyterian

Don’t get confused this holiday season! First Presbyterian Theater will have three shows running over the holidays. The two shows that FPT is producing are Christmas Songs and Stories and […]

Hilarious play asks questions about the limits of art — and of friendship

These two questions contemplate the core concept of the 1990s comedy and Tony award winner for best play, Art: “Are you who you are because you are who you are? […]

Twelfth Night

‘If music be the food of love, play on.” This is probably the most famous quote from Shakespeare’s romantic comedy masterpiece, and Shakespeare makes the music of love come to […]

The Christians

“I have a powerful urge to communicate with you, but I find the distance between us insurmountable.” That quote from our upcoming show The Christians is at the core of […]

Tom and Thom’s Christmas songs and stories

Tom Didier and I have known each other for 37-plus years. We did Of Mice and Men together back in 1981, and ever since I’ve been back to run FPT, […]

The Doctor’s Dillema

Who would have guessed that a scathingly funny play about the state of health care in the United States was written in England over 110 years ago? The timeliness of […]

A Celebration of ‘Fats’

Thomas “Fats” Waller was one of the most prolific songwriters during the first half of the 20th century. His works included jazz, stride and ragtime. He started out as a […]

Staging a Classic a New, Old Way

I have been asked several times why we chose to use the radio drama format for this, our fifth re-telling of It’s a Wonderful Life. I think my major influence […]

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