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Things to Do in Fort Wayne and Beyond
Lauren Nichols

Lauren Nichols

Artistic Director, all for One productions


Husband and wife, Connor and Adrienna Beer, star in all for One's "A Peculiar People."

all for One revisits ‘A Peculiar People’

all for One has been producing full-length plays for the Fort Wayne theater community since 2002. So it should not be surprising that we have begun to repeat ourselves from […]
Understudies Andrew Bower and Bekah Guntle will perform the two-person musical Daddy Long Legs for the show on Sunday, Feb. 19, and will fill in for the leads if called upon.

afO breaks from norms for ‘Daddy Long Legs’

After 20 years, a theater company develops a reputation for certain specifics, things the audience comes to expect. Since 2002, all for One has been producing published works for the […]
"The Christmas Express" opens at PPG ArtsLab on Nov. 11.

Get holiday spirit on track with ‘Christmas Express’

Oh by gosh, by golly! It’s time to visit the little town of Holly. The residents of this Midwestern backwater are bluer than blue on Christmas Eve, until an unscheduled […]
all for One Productions' play "The Little Prince" runs Sept. 9-18.

Catch all for One’s ‘Little Prince’ at ArtsLab

Here’s a pop quiz question for you: What book has the second-highest worldwide sales in history, according to Wikipedia’s list of verified book sales?  Hint: It’s the book which is […]

Production so fun it gets second run

The goblins under the mountain are tunneling toward the castle! Princess Irene is in danger! Will her mysterious great-great-grandmother be able to help her? Or can the heroic young miner, […]

Eight actors portray 40 characters in Dickens classic

It’s November, and all for One’s custom is to offer a play which is in keeping with the approaching holiday season. This year’s selection may puzzle a few of you, […]

The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane

How does one explain or even begin to describe a play in which the main character is an inanimate object? The Edward Tulane of our story is a rabbit made […]

A Christmas Carol

New adaptations of A Christmas Carol seem to spring up faster than you can say, “Bah, humbug!” It is a rare theater season in our community that doesn’t find a […]


all for One’s 2018-2019 season opener is the second world premiere comedy from local playwright and actor Michael Wilhelm. (all for One presented the premiere of his comedy, Turtle Soup, […]