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Things to Do in Fort Wayne and Beyond
Andrew McNair

Andrew McNair

Whatzup Features Writer


Vocal group Oak Ridge Boys will bring their American Made Farewell Christmas Tour to Honeywell Center in Wabash on Friday, Nov. 24.

Oak Ridge Boys using tour to say farewell

When your career spans as many decades as Oak Ridge Boys, you get to see a lot of history. When your career is as successful as Oak Ridge Boys, you […]
Jared James Nichols will kick off his first headlining tour in the U.S. with a free performance at Sweetwater Sound on Tuesday, Nov. 14.

Rocker kicks off tour with free Sweetwater show

They tell you in journalism school that you have to remain neutral. With steely-eyed resolve, you must treat your subjects dispassionately to get to the truth. And you should never […]
The Chapin Family will visit Embassy Theatre on Wednesday, Oct. 18, for Harry Chapin at 80: A Retrospective.

Family keeps Harry Chapin’s music alive

Star basketball players spend their lives perfecting their skills and training their bodies. Network TV hosts toil for years in obscurity before bringing their personalities to the nation. Folk singers […]
Young and old will be at Memorial Coliseum to enjoy Lego creations on Oct. 14-15.

Brickworld brings Lego fever to Coliseum

Few toys are more universal than Legos.  The humble plastic building blocks are familiar, inspiring generations of engineers to imagine possibilities from a very young age. Lego fans around the […]
Chicago native Toronzo Cannon will headline The League’s 13th annual Blues Bash with local musicians G-Money Band and Rainee Perdue on Saturday, Oct. 14, at Baker Street Centre.

Retired bus driver headlines Blues Bash

A big part of who you are comes from where you grew up. If you grew up in Chicago in the 1970s, there’s a very good chance you were exposed […]
Alternative rock band Cake will be at Foellinger Theatre on Monday, Sept. 11.

Letting Cake lyrics do the talking

Besides the obvious benefits in fortune and fame, the real reason to become a famous rock n’ roll journalist is to meet rock stars.  I’m not a famous rock n’ […]
Calhoun Street will be closed from The Landing to Pontiac Street on Sunday, Aug. 20, for the sixth annual Open Streets.

Open Streets opens Calhoun to festival

When you’re a kid, summer is a season of expectation and delight. When school ends in spring, those summer months stretch out ahead of us with visions of swimming pools, […]
Bloom Fest returns to Riverside Gardens Park in Leo-Cedarville on Saturday, Aug. 12.

Bloom Fest continues to flourish

Writer’s note: You know those pretentious, self-important magazine articles that rely on overplayed openings like “Since the dawn of man …”? Well guess what, pal. This is one of those […]
Harlan Days return Aug. 3-5 at Harlan Community Park.

Harlan Days is a true community festival

As parents’ thoughts turn to back to school sales and hipsters wonder why Target is suddenly so busy, the downtown festival scene begins to draw to a close and the […]