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Atticus Sorrell: Atticus Sorell

Debut leans heavily into soulful grooves and slight touches of psychedelia

Atticus Sorrell's debut album is worth a listen.

J. Hubner

Whatzup Features Writer

Published August 24, 2022

Local guitarist and singer Atticus Sorrell has been playing with his musical brothers in The Be Colony since before any of them were out of high school. A soulful and psychedelic groove-heavy band that pulled inspiration from those who came before (early Santana, Allman Brothers), while fitting right in with more modern fare like My Morning Jacket, Golden Void, and Marcus King, The Be Colony were young in age but mature in sound, becoming one of the staples of the Fort Wayne music scene.

Sorrell took the lockdown of 2020 to follow the muse in a different direction and did something he’s wanted to do for nearly a decade: Make a solo album. So with a handful of new tunes, he headed into Off The Cuff Sound in August 2021 and recorded Atticus Sorrell, a six-track album that leans heavily into soulful grooves and slight touches of psychedelia but not the chemically induced kind — the kind of buzz you get with early morning light and fresh air in the lungs. The kind from music buzzing in your ears.

Sorrell locks right into a kind of ’70s soul vibe. “Time Slips Up” has an understated rhythm section courtesy of The Be Colony’s Bray Coughlin and Wes Johnson, while saxophone gives it all a soulful touch courtesy of Logan Weber. Sorrell’s vocals shine as studio guru Jason Davis brings them front and center. “Walk Along the Sky” is all cosmic soul with vibes giving the song an almost weightless glee. Hammond organ adds a nice dreamy layer. It’s reminiscent of Southern Harmony-era Black Crowes.

This album feels less like a side project and more like a preview of things to come. From the ’70s funk of “Down On The Scene” to the R&B groove of “Heart is on the Run,” and the gorgeous closer “Feet Barely Touch the Ground,” these songs feel fully realized and fleshed out from an artist on the cusp of greatness. Clavinet, Hammond, saxophone, and tasteful guitar all come together to make Sorrell’s solo debut an all-timer.

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