Things to Do in Fort Wayne and Beyond

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Fawn Liebowitz

Imagine being in a rock n’ roll band in which the members get along well. They are all in their early 30s and they’ve been at this a long...

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Sunny Taylor Band

Many musicians will tell you that choosing a band name is hard. Among them would be Jerry Albright, singer and leader of Rain Kings. So did they choose...

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Aside from slicing his hand open on the broken shards of a keyboard he’d smashed and earning his girlfriend’s wrath after signing a female...

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Last Chance At Failure

Last Chance At Failure is former Fort Wayne band Spitface 30, minus one member and with a new addition, bass player Travis Roebuck. With a name change,...

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About 4,000 years ago, God entered into an agreement with a mere mortal. This covenant charged the 100-year-old man with fathering kings of new nations...

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The guys of the band ButtonHead must think they’re Sofa King clever. That’s probably the reason the Summit City rock group buried the...

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Little Green Men

One of the first rules of rock n’ roll clearly states that he who owns the basement in which the band rehearses is the undisputed leader of the...

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Heavy Step

Ska is dead. “That’s the buzz,” says Justin Maloney, guitarist for Fort Wayne’s leading ska outfit known as Heavy Step. Who...

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Dead Letter Auction

After two years, a tour, and with another tour in the works, and Dead Letter Auction still seem to remain fresh, excited, appreciative, and very good...

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The Lou Reeds

When a band names itself The Lou Reeds it’s a safe bet that they’re not angling for the country club crowd. It’s a name that conjures...

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