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Trinity Forish

Dean Jackson

Whatzup Features Writer

Published March 30, 2022

In her nomination to the 20 Under 20 list, Trinity Forish was described as “a tireless worker, constantly working to get better.” Forish plays the violin and guitar and also works in percussion with all its unique sounds.“I do have a cowbell,” she teased. “Sometimes more cowbell is a good thing.”The aeronautical engineering major is involved with Fort Wayne Phil Harmonic Youth Orchestras, the Purdue Drumline and Percussion, and other school organizations.Forish’s musical journey began in sixth grade with the violin, leading her to discover a love of playing in an orchestra where she was exposed to pieces that ranged from contemporary to classical.Now, she says, it’s just to have fun. For the time being she’s taking a break from writing and making music, but that doesn’t mean her mind isn’t aflutter when listening to other artists.“I find myself thinking, ‘I could sneak that in somewhere,’ ” she said. “That’s especially true for my jazz work.”Forish is normally jamming to alternative rock but is surprised to find herself enjoying Taylor Swift again for the first time in years. “Forget the cliché. She’s very clever,” Forish said. “I really appreciate the songwriting. She can paint stories that are very unique.”


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